About My Website

Welcome to Ford4D.com

I’ve done a tremendous amount of work that has yet to make it to this site.

The Art section is preliminary in scope.


The 4DCast should have been updated much more frequently, especially in 2010. 

I hoarded the majority of my favorite material  –  particularly in the DJ 4D Files_ series  –  with an aim to release this much loved collection in a mixtape-like format.  Like several other mix compilations, this does in fact exist in a raw, yet unreleased form.  Expect a collaborative project soon.

In the future the 4DCast may be restructured – or a new podcast will be introduced – to accommodate a body of work that I do not feel fits in with the quirky experiments and

same-day-posted one-offs that comprise the majority of the 4DCast.

4DBlog speaks for itself.

I encourage you to practice humor.  Recognize when to not take a post too seriously.

Thank you for visiting Ford4D.com